Jesus Abraham Correa has been saying Yes to the No-No’s since September of 1979 in the small town of Rockford, Illinois. Unintentionally shirking convention, deftly defying any sort of a definitive definition, Jesus Correa weaves in and out of genres and categories. Whether he is knitting a puppet, performing onstage, or quietly, and with a great deal of concentration, inking some odd thing on some random piece of found and painted wood, Jesus makes what he makes unmistakably his own.

Beginning in the year 1997 a young Mr. Correa began performing onstage as the frontman for the much loved ska band Jeffy Checkers and the Shizams. Along with singing, and dancing like a moron, Mr. Correa took like a duck to water with the promotion end of the music business. Fifteen years later, and Mr. Correa continues to perform in two fulltime bands, an outlaw country and western outfit called King of the Demons, and an odd electronic one man band that goes by the name of los osos voladores. He performs at least once a month onstage as a comedian and storyteller, and his Ugly Old Lady Productions promotion company is beginning to gain notoriety for the variety shows and the promotional posters it has been doing for the past twelve years. Correa often handmakes small batches of recordings he has done and puts them out for the world to hear.
In addition to the performance side of the arts, Jesus Correa is also a visual artist. For the past ten years Mr. Correa has been creating things that hang on the walls in galleries. As of late his work has taken on a more sculptural form, but his distinct line work, whether it be on a poster or an old woooden mold found in a pile of rubbish, is always there, and always very much notably from Mr. Correa’s distinctive hands. After suffering severe burns to his body during a musical performance in 2002, Mr. Correa was released from the hospital and sent to physical therapy to aide him in learning to use his hands properly after the damage that he had done. Mr. Correa not only learned to use his hands properly, he learned to use them to create odd things that people enjoyed. Over the past ten years Jesus has curated two shows, had the honor of putting together four solo shows, and putting his work in countless group shows. His work has been shown in the Kortman Gallery in beautiful downtown Rockford, the Rockford Art Museum Annex, and the Rockford Art Museum Gallery proper, as well as at various secret warehouse shows, random bars, and countless benefit shows. In addition to the fine art Correa does, he is also a fine illustrator who is working on putting together a proper comic book in the Winter of 2012. He has done illustration work for various bands and other promotional materials under the Ugly Old Lady Porductions banner. jesus achieves his fine black lines using india ink and the tiniest dipping knibs he can find.
Jesus Correa is a jack of all trades, over the years he has taught himself to knit, to twist balloon animals, and in the year 2009 he ran for mayor of the city of Rockford, Illinois. Although he did come in dead last, he was able to get himself on the ballot, was allowed to debate on live television and Internet feeds as well as radio and newspaper space. Correa was somehow able to convince 394 Rockfordians that he was a better choice than the other three gentlemen, who were all very well funded. Correa was able to run his entire campaign, spending only eleven of his own dollars to get his paperwork notarized. He got one donation for twenty dollars which he used to make t-shirts that funded the rest of his campaign.
Jesus Correa has also been a roofer. He is currently employed as a dishwasher, the best dishwasher in the world.